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90% of all cyber-attacks include the theft of legitimate user credentials.  Adlumin alerts you when that happens


Adlumin uses active cyber defense measures to confirm that anomalous behavior is actually malicious.


Adlumin lets you respond in real-time, giving you the option to track the intruder or kick them out by clicking the Adlumin easy button.

Adlumin Use Cases

100% Account Visibility
User Anomaly Detection
Find Stolen Accounts
Confirm Intruders
100% Account Visibility
Know the validity of every user account on your network whether its 50 or 500,000 accounts.  Know what accounts log into your most sensitive systems, print off a list in seconds.  Set restrictions for your most privileged accounts.  Adlumin lets you know when you have stale accounts, or just too many privileged accounts with our IDENTITY-ECO sensor.
User Anomaly Detection
Adlumin establishes a user behavior "pattern of life" baseline for every user, and then alerts you when a user changes their login behavior, including login times, days of the week, hours of the day, activities they do, systems they login to, or geolocation of where they login from.
Find Stolen Accounts
Intruders in your network don't know how or what your legitimate users do on your network.  In fact, intruders user behavior is almost never the same as the legitimate user, who's credentials were stolen.  Adlumin hunts on your network 24/7 for the changes in behavior that flag an intruder and alerts you.  Having Adlumin is like getting a team of five cyber security professionals hunting on your network every day.
Confirm Intruders
Once an intruder gets into your network and begins moving laterally, Adlumin targets intruders with active cyber defense measures to detect and stop the intruder immediately.  It flags specific types of activity that all intruders take, then baits and traps them into giving away their location.

Adlumin Tracks Network UserDNA 24/7

  • Hunts for anomalous activity on your network
  • Detects the theft of your user passwords/logins
  • Monitors sensitive data systems in real-time
  • Protects PHI Data through HIPAA Log Monitoring
  • Satisfies PCI DSS log monitoring requirements
  • Trap intruders with active defense measures